McNeese Families
This web site is dedicated to compilation and dissemination of data on the above surnames. When we have found positive connections between families they are included in the same database. If you have a connection to any McNeese or have a line not listed here, please contact me.  Please let me know of any errors or additions you may have.  No one who was born after 1920 and still living will be posted.  For source data, just send me an e-mail.

Database 1   Isaiah McNees ca.1677,   Ireland 1736 to PA-MD-TN
Database 2   James McNeese  ca. 1775  Giles Co., TN  
Database 1   Jonas McNeese   ca. 1788 Greene Co., TN 
Database 1   Evan Thomas McNees    ca. 1792 Washington Co., VA 
    John McNeese    d. 1780  VA to Laurens SC 
Database 1   Jehu McNeese    b. 1794  MD -TN-Iowa 
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